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Appetizer, incl. bread

Dkr. 65,- per cover

Cold steamed salmon

served with prawns, dill and asparagus

Smoked salmon

on crisp salad, with dill dressing

Salmon roll

with spicy dressing

Baked cod

In cream cheese with spicy cheese, onion and sauce verte (+ Dkr. 10,- per cover)

Salmon-filled fish fillet

with dill dressing

Hot-smoked Salmon Salad

on rye bread chips

Cod dish

served with eggs, prawns and asparagus

Serrano ham

on salad, served with melon and pesto

Tuna mousse

served with eggs, prawns, asparagus, lemon and dill dressing

Fish symphony

(+ Dkr. 20,- per cover)

Salmon roll

with horseradish dressing

Main course

Dkr. 159,- per cover


Your choice 2 x roast dishes

Your choice 1 x salad

Your choice 1 x potatoe

Your choice 1 x sauce

Meat courses

Remember to tell us if you want your meat: red, medium or well done, and if you want garlic

Roasted fillet of beef

with fatty edge

Marinated young chicken breast


BBQ marinated spareribs

Roasted Lamb chop

Glazed Ham

Roasted beef tenderloin

+ Dkr. 25,- per cover


Greek potatoes

Potato salad

Creamed potatoes

Potatoes "Hasselbach"

Small salted potatoes

Small boiled potatoes with peel



Tomato salad

with feta, onions, balsamic and parsley

Tomato salad

with mozzarella, onion and balsamic

Broccoli salad

Mixed salad

with red dressing and creme fraiche dressing


Waldorf salad

Seasonal salad

with accompanying dressing

Fresh salad

with seasonal fruit

Spinach salad

with fresh spinach, feta, bacon and sun dried tomatoes

Rice salad

cooked rice with cream fraiche, peppers, bacon, apples and spring onions

Beetroot salad

with liquorice, fennel, red onions and feta


Whisky Sauce

Bearnaise Sauce

Red wine Sauce

Pepper Sauce


brown sauce


Extra meat

+ Dkr. 20,- per serving

Extra potatoes

+ Dkr. 15,- per serving

Extra salad

+ Dkr. 15,- per serving

Extra sauce

+ Dkr. 15,- per serving

Ideas for extra accessories for the buffet

Roasted mushrooms

+ Dkr. 8,- per serving

Beans in wrap

+ Dkr. 8,- per serving

Steamed vegetables

+ Dkr. 8,- per serving

Baked root vegetables

+ Dkr. 15,- per serving

Baked root vegetables

+ Dkr. 15,- per serving


with ham and leek + Dkr. 19,- per serving


+ Dkr. 8,- per serving


with salmon and spinach + Dkr. 19,- per serving

Baked tomatoes

with pesto and parmesan + Dkr. 8,- per serving

Vegetable quiche

+ Dkr. 19,- per serving


Dkr. 55,- per serving incl. coffee or tea


with rhubarb or apple and Creme fraiche

Homemade Icecake

Chocolate mousse cake

Fruit bars

from Ejvinds Bakery with cream fraiche

Citron-rum-vanilla fromage

Cake board

From Ejvinds Bakery consisting of 3 Tapas cakes and 1 cake (+ Dkr. 15)

Late night snack

Dkr. 55,- per serving

Warm meatballs

with cold potato salad


with chicken in asparagus

Red Hotdog


with ham and chickensalad

Cheese platter

with different kinds of bread and fruit (+ Dkr. 24 per serving)

Sausage platter

with different side dishes and bread (+ Dkr. 24 per serving)

Wine, beer and water can be purchased ad libitum for DKK 250, – per person (from the start of the party till 2:00 a.m.)

Do you have questions or other wishes please contact

Carola Reffs: +45 3068 0577 or

Barbara Jensen: +45 97311 006

Ring og bestil nu!